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Why calcium is not created equal and its chemical form is also important.

What you already knew about calcium or probably not

  • Of all minerals that can be found in the human body, calcium overweighs in terms of quantity
  • About 99% are sequested along with phosphorus in the bones and teeth and care for their solidity
  • In addition, calcium has to perform other versatile tasks, e.g. as part of the signal transduction between cells and the transmission of neuronal stimuli, muscle contraction including cardiac activity and blood coagulation
  • Calcium is essential for the body, meaning that it cannot be produced by itself and therefore must be supplied through the daily diet
  • Especially during growth, a regular supply of calcium is essential to avoid premature bone resorption in adulthood
  • In order for the body to optimally resorb and store calcium, it requires important trace elements and vitamins such as copper, zinc, vitamin B and C
  • Many products for prevention of calcium deficiency contain calcium carbonate; this anorganic compound is less soluble in water which is why the body cannot optimally utilize the mineral
  • Organically-bound calcium in the form of calcium citrate exhibits a better bioavailability; calcium citrate dissolves in water and additionally serves as an alkaline which works against the over acidification of the body
  • Calcium is often combined with magnesium; due to the fact that both minerals are in close interaction referring to bioavailability. Regarding this, the optimal ratio for the body is 2:1.
  • Magnesium is also a part of bones and teeth and, a.o., important for muscle contraction
  • The combination of calcium and magnesium is recommended especially for athletes; the average losses of calcium and magnesium through body sweat exhibit the aforementioned ratio of 2:1; 40 mg of calcium, 20 mg of magnesium
  • Regarding bioavailability of magnesium, studies suggest organically-bound magnesium citrate


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