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High-Tech behind noble glass

High-Tech behind noble glass

When premium content meets premium packaging: The PYCNOGENOL® SKIN CARE.

For maximum shelf-life and clean application


  • The PYCNOGENOL® SKIN CARE is formulated with proven and newly-developed cosmetic ingredients on a natural basis that are supposed to protect the skin from environmental aging
  • However, its packaging is also extremely appealing: Behind the unpretentious and yet luxurious design of noble glass that is coloured from inside and thus makes it look even more beautiful, high-tech is hiding
  • An innovative, revolutionary sub-pressure technology enables the specific plastic pouch inside the glass dispenser to deplete and shrink - with every pump stroke - without allowing air to get inside from the outside which gets in contact with the product
  • This demonstrates the great advantage of this technology: The packaging must not be opened as it is the case with creams in jars, for example, that need to be touched and removed with the fingers and in this way are polluted with microorganisms
  • A contamination of the PYCNOGENOL® SKIN CARE is being avoided with the innovative 'airless' dispensers, the products have a longer shelf-life
  • Another positive effect is that the usage of preservatives can be reduced to a minimum, making cosmetic products even more skin-friendly
  • The specifically shaped and collapsible plastic pouch empties itself almost completely and leaves only smallest residues of the product
  • The different recyclable packaging materials can be then easily separated and disposed environmentally friendly: Glass to glass, plastic to plastic


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